Utilities send specialists to conduct audits

BERLIN, CONNECTICUT - The Connecticut Light & Power Co. and Yankee Gas Services Co. are offering a free program in which energy specialists make in-home visits to eligible customers to inspect windows and doors and, if necessary, fix any leaks.

Weatherization Residential Assistance Partnership, or WRAP, is a program the companies are offering through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and CL&P. Program eligibility is based on household income and the percentage of total annual income spent on energy, according to company officials.

For qualifying customers, a trained energy specialist will visit homes and inspect all windows and doors for leaks. The specialist will apply caulking, weather stripping and door sweeps as needed, and also will assess other ways the household can minimize heat loss in the winter and maximize cooling effects in the summer.

Furnaces, refrigerators and freezers will be evaluated, and sometimes repaired or replaced with energy-efficient models, according to company officials. The WRAP program is available year-round and is open to homeowners and renters.


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