EVs face ban from NCC pathways

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - Heavy-duty scooters and other large electric-powered vehicles may be popular on roads and trails, but they're not welcome on the pathways of the National Capital Commission.

The NCC is moving to ban certain types of heavy electric scooters by this summer, citing safety concerns.

Although power-assisted bicycles that run partly on electricity are legal in Ontario, the larger models have been deemed a hazard, said Marc Corriveau, the director of urban lands and transportation for the NCC.

"They are much heavier, so we feel that that would create safety hazards on the pathways," he said.

Corriveau added that the ban would not apply to mobility scooters or lighter bicycles that can run on electric power but resemble conventional bikes.

"We have to bear in mind the pathways do promote active transportation."

While some who use the pathways said they wouldn't mind if people rode larger scooters so long as they respected general pathway etiquette, others felt the ban made sense.

"Definitely worth thinking about," said one pathway user. "Because if you did hit them, it could really hurt them."

If adopted, the ban on large electric scooter bikes will begin this summer with conservation officers issuing warnings to those who break the rules. The NCC is also considering introducing fines next year.


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