URS to build generating unit at Gleason Power Plant

WEAKLEY COUNTY, TENNESSEE - URS Corporation announced that the company has been authorized by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide engineering, procurement, construction, startup and commissioning services to increase the capacity of the Gleason Combustion Turbine Plant located in Weakley County, Tennessee.

The project has an approximate value of $292 million to URS, over a three-year period.

The project will be executed under URS Washington Division’s long-term alliance agreement with TVA to provide the full range of services to build combined-cycle and simple-cycle gas turbine projects throughout the TVA system. The alliance agreement has a funding limit of $2.

5 billion and a potential term of 10 years.

The Washington Division’s scope of work will include services to construct a steam turbine block and reconfigure the Gleason plant to combined cycle operation. The project will add 360 megawatts of capacity to the existing 540 megawatt plant, and it is scheduled for completion in November 2011. TVA acquired the Gleason plant, which has three combustion turbine generating units, in December of 2006.

“This is the second project we will be executing for TVA under this important alliance,” said Tom Zarges, President of URS’ Washington Division. “It reaffirms the strength of our nearly two decades-long relationship with TVA, during which we have provided engineering, construction, and maintenance and operations services for multiple fossil-fuel, hydroelectric and nuclear power projects.”


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