World's largest solar tower power plant in operation

SEVILLE, SPAIN - Abengoa Solar recently inaugurated its 20-megawatt (MW) PS20 Solar Tower Power Plant at the Solucar Platform near Seville.

The facility is the world's largest solar tower power plant and the second in commercial use. It is located next to the first plant, a 10-MW PS10 solar power plant also owned by Abengoa Solar. The PS10 plant became operational in March 2007.

The new plant is equipped with 1,255 heliostat mirrors developed by Abengoa Solar. The mirrors reflect solar radiation into the receiver, producing steam that is converted into electricity by a steam turbine. The plant will supply clean energy to 10,000 homes.

In November 2008, the engineering company Grupo Sener announced the start of construction of another solar power plant in Spain, the 17-MW Solar Tres Power Station. The $250 million facility, located in Fuentes de Andalucia, is a solar tower power plant with the world's first molten-salt central receiver and heat-storage plant.


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