Raser Technologies' plant named geothermal plant of the year

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - Raser Technologies, Inc., a leading energy technology company, announced that its first geothermal power plant was recognized as the Alternative Energy - Geothermal "Power Plant of the Year" at the annual Electric Power Conference.

The conference, which covers the most important strategic and tactical issues in the power generation industry for coal, gas, nuclear and renewables, was held in Chicago this year with more than 500 leading power industry suppliers attending.

Raser received the award in the Alternative Energy - Geothermal category, at the conference's annual Power Plant Awards Banquet.

"We are honored to be recognized by the industry and our peers for our efforts and success in building an exemplary power plant. We are continuing to develop our geothermal resources and thus expand the nation's potential energy supply," said Brent M. Cook, CEO, Raser Technologies.

"This industry recognition validates our approach to delivering zero-emissions electricity."


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