OpenHydro first to generate power to UK grid

ORKNEY, SCOTLAND - Dublin, Ireland-based OpenHydro said itÂ’s the first tidal energy company to complete the connection of a tidal turbine to the U.K. national grid and begin generating electricity.

After 18 months of testing at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) off Orkney, Scotland, the company and EMEC officials have confirmed the 250kW Open-Centre Turbine successfully generated power to the U.K.Â’s electricity grid.

The results from this most recent phase of testing will be analyzed in detail, and over the coming months OpenHydro confirmed it will move into extended operation consistent with its test program.

“This is a hugely significant development not only for OpenHydro, but for the future of the tidal energy industry and security of energy supply,” said Brendan Gilmore, Chairman of OpenHydro.

As a result of the successful power generation to the U.K. grid, OpenHydro reiterated additional tenders to supply and install turbines to tidal sites in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada and Alderney, Channel Islands.

OpenHydro also noted it has begun the manufacture of its next generation 1 MW Open-Centre Turbine for use in the Bay of Fundy and Aldernay.

Turbines for the subsequent projects are being constructed at the companyÂ’s design and production facility in Greenore, Co Louth, Ireland.

Last month Bristol, England-based Marine Current Turbines announced it hopes to begin delivering electricity this summer from its 1.2 MW SeaGen system in Northern Ireland to the Dublin-based Electricity Supply Board.

OpenHydro was formed in 2004 following the acquisition of the technology rights to the Open-Centre Turbine. The 26-person company has raised over 50 million euros in funding since 2005 for the development of its turbines.


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