China restores power to most regions

BEIJING, CHINA - China has restored power to most of the regions affected by the magnitude 8 earthquake that occurred on May 12, in Sichuan Province. As of May 21, the Sichuan grid's load reached 10.16 million kilowatts (kW), about 78% of the grid's maximum load before the earthquake occurred, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission said in a report.

Seven power plants (3,442 megawatts (MW)) out of 27 (7,177.7 MW in total) that were disconnected from the grid resumed operation. In the aspect of power generation, 7 power plants with a total installed capacity of 3,442 megawatts among the 27 power plants (7,177.5 megawatts) disconnected from the grid due to the impact of the quake resumed operation.

The Huaneng Ziyili, Muzhuo and Shuiniujia hydropower plants and the Jiangyou thermal power plant are undergoing plant service.

Most counties and users within the supply scope of the State Grid Corporation of China (Beijing) are now receiving power service. Service for Jiangyou, Anxian, Yanting, Mianzhu, Shifang, Dujiangyan, Jiange, Ruo'ergai and Heishui counties was partially resumed; Beichuan, the county that suffered the most damage, is still not receiving power; and Hongyuan County was shut down again after an aftershock.

Power has been restored for most regions and users covered by the local grid. Partial power service has resumed for Pingwu, Pengzhou, Qingchuan, Jiuzhaigou, Lixian, Songpan, Wenchuan and Maoxian counties, and the Wulong Natural Reserve.

About 85% of the substations at the 35-kilovolt (kV) level or higher that were shut down have resumed operation, and 88% of substations at the 10 kV level or higher resumed operation in the Sichuan Grid. In the local grid, 74% of offline substations at the 35 kV level or higher resumed operation, and 80% of offline substations at the 10 kV level resumed operation.

So far, the State Grid Corporation has dispatched 932 emergency power generating sets (33,582 kilowatts) and a professional repair team of 2,652 members to the disaster area. China Southern Grid Corporation (Guangzhou) also dispatched 210 emergency power generating sets (1,449 kilowatts) to support the disaster area.


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