Solar EnerTech Ships First Container of Solar Modules to Africa

CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - Solar EnerTech Corp. shipped its first container of solar modules produced for the South African market from the company's facility in Shanghai, China.

The shipment is part of the Fan Qie Trading, Ltd. sales order that the company announced earlier this year. The container is being shipped to the Port of Capetown for delivery to one of Africa's largest solar system integrators. Fan Qui Trading has advised Solar EnerTech that the integrator brings 13 years of experience at successfully installing solar PV systems in remote rural areas throughout the continent.

Subsequent to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in Beijing last year, many Chinese-assisted energy projects have been initiated as an outcome of that event. Solar EnerTech believes that the needs of this particular regional integrator in 2007 may reach 15 Mw, and that the shipment could help the Company towards becoming a designated supplier for this African company.

It is widely believed that Africa has one of the best natural locales for solar applications as it straddles the equator ensuring that three-fourth of the continent receives very high direct irradiation and long periods of sunlight, along with an average annual temperature above 75 degrees (F) over 95% of the continent. With its unique geographic advantages and potential market size, Management believes that Africa is quickly becoming a significant opportunity for solar applications.

Company President Leo S. Young stated, "With this first shipment to Africa, and with the relationship resulting from the visit of Mme Jeanne Dambendzet, senior Minister of the Congolese government last month, we're really excited to be at the vanguard of companies breaking into the African solar market."


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