Hydro-Québec starts cooperation on transmission research

Montreal, QC -- - Irkutskenergo, part of Russia’s largest independent power company EuroSibEnergo, and Hydro-Québec HQ, one of the world’s largest hydropower producers, have entered into a two-year agreement to start a strategic cooperation on hydropower generation and transmission research and development projects. The agreement was signed by Artem Volynets, CEO of En+ Group owner of EuroSibEnergo and Élie Saheb, Executive Vice President – Technology at Hydro-Québec.

Under the agreement, Hydro-Québec and Irkutskenergo will collaborate and conduct technical exchanges on hydropower generation and transmission and research in leading power technologies on the basis of findings from Hydro-Québec’s research centre IREQ, whose experience in the industry is well established internationally.

Irkutskenergo will get access to Hydro-Québec’s technological innovation projects, initially in the power generation and transmission portfolios. The companies have outlined seven initial joint projects in generation and transmission, including condition-based maintenance for turbines and generators and transformer service life, among others. Irkutskenergo will provide co-financing for the projects and obtain license rights on Russian territory.

“This cooperation creates new technology transfer opportunities for two leading hydropower companies, whose assets are located in very similar regions of the world. Our companies share the same values and place the responsible development of hydropower and innovation at the heart of our activities. We believe that this collaboration will not only be beneficial for our companies but will also provide positive growth to the world’s power industry in general,” commented Artem Volynets, CEO of En+ Group.

“We are very pleased with the recognition of IREQ's expertise in technological innovation by a company as significant as EuroSibEnergo. Technological innovation is an important activity for both Hydro-Québec and Irkutskenergo. This cooperation is part of an open innovation approach," said Élie Saheb, Executive Vice President – Technology at Hydro-Québec.


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