$69 million wind farm opens near Moosomin

MOOSOMIN, SASKATCHEWAN - A $69-million wind power project that had been challenged in court last year is now up and running in southeast Saskatchewan.

The 26-megawatt facility built by Ontario-based Algonquin Power consists of 16 wind turbine generators located north of Moosomin, Sask.

SaskPower will be buying electricity from the wind farm under a 25-year deal that Algonquin said would mean $7.5 million in revenue this year and $8 million next year.

The project, which was more than six years in the making, was completed ahead of schedule, according to Algonquin.

That's in spite of a legal challenge last year from an area resident who said the facility was putting turbines too close to homes.

Construction was temporarily halted, but a judge eventually ruled there was no credible evidence to support the claim the turbines were dangerous.

Algonquin said it's procuring land for a second phase of Red Lily, which, if it proceeds, would add an additional 106 megawatts of generating capacity.


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