Darken the skyline for Earth Hour

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Once again, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited is encouraging its customers to take a stand on climate change and power down Toronto's skyline and neighbourhoods for Earth Hour.

Last year, Torontonians collectively dropped approximately 10 per cent of electricity demand during Earth Hour — the equivalent of removing close to 250,000 homes from the grid for one hour.

"Earth Hour is a time when people can connect globally and locally," said Anthony Haines, President and Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Hydro Corporation. "We encourage all Torontonians to take the opportunity to power down the lights, shut off the computer, turn off the TV and spend quality time with the family and friends while doing something good for the planet."

On Saturday, March 26 from 8:30-9:30 p.m. Toronto Hydro will be shutting off all non-essential lighting at its own locations and is looking to Torontonians to support the initiative by going dark and thinking green. To make an even bigger impact, unplugging electronics such as TVs, laptops and handheld devices can remove up to 15 per cent of a household's "phantom electricity load" — which is power consumption that occurs by leaving equipment plugged in and on standby mode.

For folks looking to keep the spirit of Earth Hour alive all year, Toronto Hydro offers a host of tips and conservation and demand management programs that manage their bills.


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