Sears helping customers with EnergyStar rebates

UNITED STATES - Over the years, there have been many problems with rebates, the least of which have been the complicated, time-sensitive paperwork consumers are required to complete before they receive their rebate check.

Sears, is offering an incentive to consumers that would help cut through that red tape, while at the same time promoting sales of its Energy Star appliances.

The firm’s plan is to educate consumers about the millions of dollars in rebates that are available for Energy Star-rated products, and to make it faster and easier for consumers to receive the rebates.

Stores across the country has been outfitted with kiosks, or online Rebate Centers, where the Sears Blue Appliance Crew can identify by a customer’s zip code whether they are qualified for a rebate.

The crew then walks customers through the rebate process and help them complete the paperwork before they ever leave the store eliminating the need to take tear pad sheets home and mail in their rebates.

"Many people who are shopping for an appliance are unaware that there are literally millions of dollars available — money that utilities and states would love to pass along to customers," Kevin Brown, the chief marketing offer of Appliances for Sears, said in a release.

The user-friendly and easily-identified research area is available in most Sears full-line stores and is a result of a "summit" meeting Sears held in 2008 with the Department of Energy and the nation's top utility companies.

“The DOE and utility companies were looking for ways to better educate Americans about the millions of dollars available in rebates that utilities and states would like to pass along to customers,” Sears spokesperson Larry Costello said.

Customers researching appliances can now also go online and click on “Rebate Finder” to determine the maximum rebate available on appliances they may be interested in purchasing.

“Shoppers deserve their rebate money, and we want to make it as easy as possible," Doug Moore, senior vice president and president of Home Appliances at Sears, said in a release.


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