SMUD signs 15-year deal to buy landfill gas

SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA - The Sacramento Municipal Utility District has signed a 15-year contract to buy electricity produced by burning gas from rotting garbage in a landfill near Santa Cruz.

Gas Recovery Systems LLC, a subsidiary of the FORTISTAR Methane Group of White Plains, N.Y., has agreed to sell SMUD about 12 gigawatt hours per year from the plant beginning October 1.

SMUD will also receive renewable energy credits produced by the project.

The contract brings SMUD closer to its goal of having renewable energy account for 33 percent of its power supply by 2020. Last year, renewable energy accounted for approximately 19 percent of SMUDÂ’s power supply.

Fortistar has 58 renewable power plants in 15 states and Canada, including one at the Yolo County Central Landfill.


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