PowerSecure providing generation to Central African Republic and Haiti

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA - PowerSecure International, Inc. announced that it has donated five generating systems to assist developing communities in the Central African Republic and Haiti.

The generators will supply much needed electricity to support a wide number of critical activities for the communities, including water production and agriculture development, educational infrastructure, and media outlets.

In addition, PowerSecure employees traveled to the sites to provide their expertise and assistance with the installation of the new systems.

Sidney Hinton, CEO of PowerSecure, said, “We are blessed to have the opportunity to provide these systems to areas of the world where life is extraordinarily difficult. We pray these systems provide a dependable resource that moves the communities forward in their struggle to improve their daily lives. We are fortunate to have such a wonderfully compassionate team at PowerSecure, and we realize what a blessing it is to be in a position to help in such a fundamental way with our expertise and resources.”


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