PowerSecure a success during MarchÂ’s winter storm

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA - PowerSecure International, Inc. reported another successful storm protection event, as its Interactive Distributed Generation (IDG) standby power systems ensured its customers had access to power throughout the latest winter storm that clobbered the East Coast.

PowerSecureÂ’s systems protected customers against power outages caused by the storm, including several cases of power outages lasting over 10 hours. In fact, the company ensured continuous backup power was provided to one business location for almost 60 hours.

PowerSecureÂ’s IDG smart grid monitoring team watched over its entire fleet of standby power systems, ensuring that customers received immediate backup power protection in the event of an outage, and working with utilities on a real-time basis to assist in the identification of outage locations. PowerSecure customers who were most affected by the storm and required backup power to be initiated, extended from the Carolinas through Virginia.

Additionally, PowerSecureÂ’s Utility Infrastructure team once again stepped in to assist utilities during the storm, supplying line crews and utility trucks to support efforts to restore power as quickly as possible.

Sidney Hinton, CEO of PowerSecure, said, "We are very pleased to report another successful execution of a storm protection event. Our team makes this work look easy – but it is truly a function of their tremendous dedication to ensuring customer’s locations are monitored “24 by 7” throughout the storm, and great communications with our utility partners. We were also pleased to be able to assist utilities with their power restoration efforts, and want to recognize the dedication of our Utility Infrastructure team and their commitment to our utility partners.”


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