Smart Grid, Demand Response featured at PLMA conference

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND - The Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) announced that the program for the upcoming PLMA Spring Conference, April 28-30 at Loews Annapolis Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland will emphasize the development of the Smart Grid.

The Alliance believes that a successful Smart Grid depends on developing Smart Customers and their energy assets. Educating end-users of electricity in the need for and how they can work together with their supplier of electricity to use electricity conservatively and efficiently as well as implementing intelligence and controls on energy assets are key to the Smart Grid producing anticipated results.

With the recently passed economic stimulus package, nearly $40 Billion will be spent on Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency.

Demand response is an important piece of the puzzle on how to justify funding the Smart Grid, as well as the entry point for significant energy efficiency improvements, particularly in commercial and industrial facilities.

The conference will feature an overview presentation on the current status of the Smart Grid by Ron Ambrosio, IBM Global Research Leader, Energy & Utilities Industry & U.S. Dept. of Energy GridWise Architecture Council Chairman. Other related sessions include Demand Response on a Smart Grid Platform in a Regulated Market, Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids: Effect on the Grid, DR: What's in it for the customer?, and much more.

Other presenters at the conference will include two of the country’s largest Independent System Operators (ISO’s) reporting on their Forward Capacity markets; updates on Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatives; presentations from a FERC Commissioner as well as two state PSC Commissioners.

PLMA was formed as an alliance of organizations of suppliers of electricity, load shedding systems manufacturers, consultants, research groups and trade associations to promote the concepts and technologies of reducing demand for electricity in response to pricing signals in the marketplace and reliability concerns.


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