Ontario budget has a green push

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Looking to the future of the "green" economy, the Ontario budget has earmarked millions of dollars in a push to get beyond carbon-based fuels blamed for global warming. Some details:

• A $250 million, five-year "emerging technologies fund" to encourage investments in green technology firms.

• A $50 million boost for the "innovation demonstration fund," which helps companies find commercial uses for emerging technologies – preferably in biofuels and alternative energy.

• $30 million a year for the government to use its own "buying power" to purchase emerging green technologies developed in Ontario, showcasing them for potential customers around the world.

• $50 million over five years to help finance research, capital and demonstration projects leading toward a "smart" electricity grid in Ontario.

• $8 million annually to encourage broader public-sector institutions, such as hospitals, colleges and universities, to serve food products grown and made in Ontario, reducing transportation of imports.


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