IKEA Canada reduces energy consumption by 25%

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO - IKEA has made a global commitment to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases associated with its use of electricity and energy in their business. In support of this commitment, IKEA Canada has been hard at work to reduce their carbon footprint.

By the end of April 2009 the company will have reduced its energy consumption in its stores by 25% through implementing new practices and technologies. To mark this accomplishment and to show support for their valued global partner, all IKEA stores in Canada will participate in World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Earth Hour.

WWF's Earth Hour is a global event created to mobilize people around the world to turn their lights off for one hour at 8:30p.m. on Saturday, March 28, to show support for action on climate change.

"IKEA believes that climate change is a major threat to both the environment and people, and CO2 emissions need to be reduced rapidly to prevent real dramatic effects on our climate system." Says Kerri Molinaro, President, IKEA Canada. "We want to be a good example of effective environmental actions and initiatives across our business to help create a better environment for everyone. We call this The IKEA Way."

The IKEA Way is not a new approach for the retailer; IKEA has been committed to the environment for several decades. Whether it is flat-packing products to reduce packaging and reduce transportation emissions, working with Global Charitable partners like WWF, using environmentally responsible materials in its products or having a store format that draws on a larger trade area (instead of more stores), the company has practiced responsible retailing for decades.

Globally, IKEA is cooperating with WWF on several projects to reduce the negative impact on the climate. The aim is to cut carbon dioxide emissions from IKEA suppliers and from passenger traffic to and from the stores.

"WWF and IKEA are both committed to promoting the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources for present and future needs", says Hadley Archer, Director of Business Engagement at WWF-Canada. "We are working together globally to promote responsible forestry and better cotton production, and to address climate change. Working together, more can be achieved."

"At IKEA, we are constantly striving to have a positive impact on the environment in our business. A critical element of our success is to engage our coworkers." says Molinaro.

"We are encouraging all our coworkers to participate in WWF's Earth Hour 2009, both at work and at home. Every one of our 4,000 co-workers in Canada have received an IKEA candle as a symbol of our commitment to responsible environmental practices."


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