New bipartisan congressional support for NYRI

ALBANY, NEW YORK - Chris Thompson, president of New York Regional Interconnect Inc. (NYRI), expressed his appreciation to the four members of the U.S. House of Representatives who announced their bi-partisan support for NYRI's proposed electrical infrastructure upgrade project in New York.

The Representatives, Peter King (R-NY), Michael McMahon (D-NY), Ed Towns (D-NY), and Yvette Clarke (D-NY), sent a letter to Governor David Paterson urging the governor to support NYRI's project.

NYRI intends to make a $2.1 billion private investment in New York State by building an electrical transmission line. The line would run from upstate New York where electric generation is abundant to downstate, where electricity demand is high. The proposed 190-mile, 1,200 megawatt transmission line will increase electric grid reliability while enabling greater economic development and the increased use of clean, renewable energy sources, such as wind power.

"NYRI deeply appreciates the bi-partisan Congressional support we received from Representatives King, McMahon, Towns and Clarke," said Chris Thompson, "And we're very pleased they took it upon themselves to urge Governor Paterson to also support our project. The Congressmen's support shows that when elected officials consider the interests of the state as a whole, they see that the NYRI project makes good sense for an environmentally sound energy future in New York."

Congressman Peter King said, "NYRI's transmission line would help to ensure a sound energy future for New York, bringing economic, environmental and national security benefits, and we're proud of our bipartisan support for this project."

The Representatives' letter to Gov. Paterson reiterates President Obama's plan, as part of his stimulus package, to build 3,000 miles of new electric transmission lines. It also notes Governor Paterson's commitment to sound energy policy.

The letter to Governor Paterson states, "We know you share our bi-partisan commitment to do everything possible to ensure that this and future generations of New Yorkers have safe and reliable access to energy. We believe that NYRI can be an important part in fulfilling that commitment."


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