New Shepard Energy Centre to bolster grid

CALGARY, ALBERTA - ENMAX Energy announced the choice of a site for its natural gas-fired 1,000 MW power generation facility that will provide enough electricity for about two thirds of Calgary's requirements. It is scheduled to be generating electricity in late 2011.

The Shepard Energy Centre will be located on the east side of Calgary in an industrially designated area just south of Glenmore Trail. The site is directly adjacent to an industrial park and existing 240 kV transmission lines.

The facility will be using the best available gas technology and will emit up to 50% less CO(2) per MW than current coal plants in Alberta.

Gary Holden, CEO of ENMAX Energy said that "As Calgary's electricity demand continues to grow, we need to build cleaner generation facilities that are closer to the city, that have less impact on the environment than current coal-fired plants, are not vulnerable to long distance transmission lines that are increasingly difficult to build and are vulnerable to weather disruption at the times when power is most needed. "

The project offers solutions to several existing Alberta system issues:

• It stabilizes the southern Alberta power transmission grid. Power generation facilities that can quickly ramp up to meet customer demand will aid in the development of additional wind farms that are challenged by intermittent production.

• It opens the door for greater export capacity and more wind generation overall.

• By locating the facility closer to the demand for electricity, the need to transport electricity over long distances is reduced, and results in a dramatic impact in reducing electricity transmission line losses, bringing benefits to all Albertans.

• It goes a long way to reducing the province's CO(2) emissions intensity from the electricity sector.


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