ATC to rebuild transmission line in western Kenosha County

PEWAUKEE, WIS. - PEWAUKEE, WIS. – American Transmission Company has received approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to reconstruct approximately 12.5 miles of 138,000-volt transmission lines in western Kenosha County. The Paris – Albers Rebuild Project will run from the Paris Substation, located in the towns of Paris and Somers, Wisconsin, to the Albers substation in the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“This project will help maintain reliability of the electric transmission system,” said Mary Carpenter, senior local relations representative. “The existing transmission line was originally built in 1947, and this rebuild will allow the system to meet current and future electricity loads.”

This project involves replacing the aging H-frame wooden poles with new H-frame wooden poles. The existing wires strung between the poles also will be replaced with larger wires to increase the line capacity. No new right-of-way is needed, and the new poles will be placed within a few feet of the existing poles. ATC will work with landowners to access the right-of-way through their property if necessary.

Construction is expected to begin in fall 2014, with completion in early 2015. The estimated cost of the project is $11.5 million. Landowners along the right-of-way have been informed of the project and will continue to be kept apprised as the project proceeds.


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