Electricity exports continue to generate revenue

- Ontario's electricity market generated over $20 million in April by exporting electricity to other states and provinces, bringing total net export revenues to over $75 million this year.

This revenue can help Ontario families keep costs down on power and build and maintain a clean, reliable and modern electricity system.

Ontario is part of an interconnected North American power grid that allows the province to buy and sell electricity with states and other provinces. Being interconnected gives the province the opportunity to export power when it's not needed by Ontario families and businesses and benefit from these revenues.

Since 2006, the electricity market has generated $1.9 billion through net exports compared to 2002 and 2003 when Ontario paid $900 million to import power. Over the last year, the province exported power at positive prices 98 per cent of the time.

Ontario is replacing dirty, coal-fired plants with cleaner sources of power like wind, solar and bio-energy. It is part of the Ontario provincial government's plan to keep costs down for families, while building a clean, modern and reliable electricity system for tomorrow.

Ontario's investments in clean energy and conservation are on track to create 50,000 clean energy jobs. Over 20,000 jobs have already been created as a result of our plan.


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