SaskPower launches new energy efficiency programs

- SaskPower is expanding its energy efficiency programs to help large commercial and industrial customers reduce electricity use and upgrade lighting.

"SaskPower's electrical infrastructure and energy efficiency expertise are crucial for our province’s growing business sector," said Rob Norris, Minister Responsible for SaskPower. "The new programs will ensure businesses and industrial customers are getting maximum value for their energy expenses and access to discounted energy efficient lighting.” Delivered in partnership with ICF Marbek an environment and energy management consulting firm the Industrial Energy Optimization Program will:

- Offer the technical assistance of a dedicated energy support team to industrial customers, in order to identify energy-saving opportunities that qualify under the program

- Provide financial incentives that help advance the adoption of energy efficient practices and,

- Support the development and implementation of energy-saving capital projects.

The expanded Commercial Lighting Incentive Program will give the province’s 30,000 businesses access to more than 30 choices of premium energy efficient lighting. Businesses can start saving on their lighting bills as soon as their electrical contractor purchases products through participating lighting distributors.

"Improving energy efficiency programs for our industrial customers is an environmentally sound and cost-effective way to meet our province's growing electricity needs. The more our customers can cut consumption, the better we can manage the number of power stations and power lines we need to build,” said Robert Watson, President and CEO, SaskPower.

Depending on customer response, the Commercial Lighting Incentive Program could deliver 12 megawatts MW of energy savings by 2017, while the Industrial Energy Optimization Program could deliver 10 megawatts of energy savings. SaskPower’s long-term goal is to reduce customer demand for electricity by 100 megawatts by 2017.

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