New Brunswick raises efficiency standards for equipment

FREDERICTON GNB - FREDERICTON GNB – The Province of New Brunswick's provincial government is upgrading the list of regulated appliances and equipment under the Energy Efficiency Act.

"Updating the minimum standards ensures that New Brunswickers will not be buying poor performing products that will cost more in the long run," said Government Services Minister Craig Leonard, speaking as acting energy minister. "This move will help consumers make smarter product choices and provide them with greater savings on their power bills."

New minimum efficiency levels for household appliances, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, as well as some lighting products, will come into effect June 1.

This fulfills a commitment made in the New Brunswick Energy Blueprint, released in October 2011, to raise standards and to review them every two years.

"Consumers should look beyond the minimum standards and choose Energy Star-rated models when buying new appliances and equipment as these are the most energy efficient options," said Leonard.

The federal government and other provinces contribute to continuing research and upgrading of minimum energy performance standards. The standards will be raised in New Brunswick for 36 existing products and eight new products that have been added.

The new products are:

? electronic thermostats

? heat and energy recovery ventilators

? small pumps

? street-area light HID and LPS ballasts

? toilets

? urinals

? traffic signalization traffic signals, walks signs, flashing /warning lights and

? wood stoves.

Existing products on retailers' shelves that do not meet the new standards can still be sold without penalty. New products that do not meet the standards after June 1, however, cannot be added to inventory. The complete list of products is online under the Office of the Attorney General.


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