Genscape adds Texas power plant to monitoring system

TEXAS - Louisville-based Genscape Inc., which monitors power plants and gives real-time information about their production to energy suppliers and brokers, has added the Electric Reliability Council of Texas region to its suite of data services.

The council manages the flow of electric power to 22 million Texas customers from more than 550 generation units, according to its Web site. Its generation units include the W.

A. Parish power plant, one of the biggest in North America.

In addition to infrared photos of monitored plants, Genscape customers also will get a real-time data stream, and Genscape will interpret the pictures to determine whether the plant is running and to estimate the megawatts being produced there.

“We are excited to bring previously unattainable information to the ERCOT region with the launch of infrared monitoring,” Genscape CEO and co-founder Sean O’Leary said in a news release. “W.A. Parish is an important facility in determining the overall strength of generation in the region.”


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