Grid reconstruction scheme finalized for quake area

BEIJING, CHINA - While the quake relief work in China is shifting into resettlement and reconstruction stage, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGC) (Beijing) nailed down the reconstruction scheme for the electricity transmission grid damaged in the Sichuan disaster area.

SGC plans to complete the rush repair for damage facilities in Sichuan Grid to meet power demand in the disaster area as soon as possible and to complete the reconstruction of power facilities by the end of August.

As of May 28, 153 of the 171 transformer substations at 35 kilovolts or above damaged as a result of the Wenchuan quake were brought back to service, accounting for 98.7% of the total resumable substations; 987 of the 1,069 damaged transmission lines at 10 kilovolts or above were brought back online, accounting for 98.7% of the total resumable lines.

Presently, grid reconstruction for the disaster area is being conducted in an orderly way. Based on the overall situation and arrangement for reconstruction in the disaster area, the SGC decided to rebuild those seriously damaged but needed power facilities at the original sites; for those totally damaged power facilities with fully lost load, they will be rebuilt based on new planning; for those needed but unable to repair or rebuild in a short time, temporary power supply facilities will be provided. As of May 30, the SGC has organized 100 small generating sets to the disaster area.

Presently, there are five substations that need to be rebuilt on their original sites. Construction of these substations is underway. Based on preliminary survey and investigation, there are 11 substations to be rebuilt according to new planning, including 2 of 220 kilovolt, 3 of 110 kilovolt and 6 of 35 kilovolt level. The SGC is obtaining support from related department of the government to try to start reconstruction as soon as possible in line with the overall reconstruction planning for the disaster area.


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