Family targets a 10 percent reduction in power

BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO - Tom, Golda, Kieran and Sarah Lafferty are doing their part to help Ontario reduce its electricity use this summer.

The Belleville family has already made changes to reduce their electricity consumption by switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, installing motion detectors on outside lights, and using cold water for laundry. This summer, however, they are going to push themselves even further as they aim for a 10 percent reduction in their electricity use - and the chance to win some great prizes.

The Laffertys are participating in the Every Kilowatt Counts Summer Sweepstakes program, which is being offered by Veridian in partnership with the Ontario Power Authority. They want to be one of the families entered in the grand prize draw by achieving a 10 percent reduction in their electricity use between July 1, 2008 and August 31, 2008, as compared to the same period in 2007.

"If there is an action we can take or a program that we can participate in to benefit the environment, we're interested in learning more about it and doing our part," said Tom. "The Every Kilowatt Counts Summer Sweepstakes program is a great idea. We look forward to lowering our energy costs, and helping to reduce the demand for electricity in the province. We're confident that we'll achieve our 10% savings target, and challenge all of our friends and neighbours to take part as well."

Some actions the Laffertys plan to take to reduce their electricity use include the installation of a clothesline so that they can air dry laundry, and the use of programmable power bars for electronic equipment to stop the invisible electricity waste known as 'phantom load'. They have also purchased an electric kettle to replace their less efficient stove-top model, and plan to turn up the temperature setting on their air conditioner by two or three degrees.

Other actions people can take to reduce electricity use include closing the blinds or drapes during the day to keep the heat out, using the microwave oven more often, and considering the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances.

"We encourage all Veridian customers to do what they can to reduce their electricity use this summer. Individual actions can add up to big savings in electricity demand for the province, and when that happens, everyone in Ontario wins. By taking part in the Every Kilowatt Counts Summer Sweepstakes, our customers will have a chance to win some great environmentally friendly prizes," said Rod Hinze of Veridian.

The Every Kilowatt Counts Summer Sweepstakes encourages Ontarians to reduce their electricity use in the summer, which is when demand is highest.

By entering the contest, Veridian customers are eligible to win an early bird prize regardless of the savings they achieve. Those customers who achieve the 10 percent reduction target are eligible to win one of the grand prizes, which include ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, mountain bikes, and iPods with a solar charger.

Enter the Every Kilowatt Counts Summer Sweepstakes Contest by registering online at: or by calling 1-800-322-7417. Remember to have your electricity bill handy.


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