Northwestern Ontario Hydro project approved for Crown land

EAR FALLS, ONTARIO - A new 3.2 megawatt hydroelectric project has been given provincial approval on a Crown land site in northwestern Ontario.

Energy developer Horizon Hydro plans to build a water power plant at Ear Falls, pending a positive environmental assessment and public review process.

Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay, who made the announcement, says the proposal for a site on the Troutlake River has the potential to contribute to the region's prosperity.

It's Horizon's second small hydro development in Ontario, says company president Ian Baines. "We are pleased to show that smaller, low head plants, such as this project and our similarly sized Bala project project in the Muskokas, can make a contribution to our green futureÂ…."

Currently, there are 35 waterpower site release applications in various stages of provincial review and approval. The land is leased to successful proponents by the ministry.


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