Lakefront offers two ways to save electricity costs

COLBORNE, ONTARIO - Colborne residents have two ways to cut their electrical costs this summer.

Lakefront Utilities is offering to match electrical savings and is providing incentives to get rid of that old power-guzzling fridge.

From July 1 to Aug. 31, the company will reward customers who cut their energy consumption by 10 per cent by taking an additional 10 per cent off their bills.

Dereck Paul of Lakefront Utilities states, "The Summer Savings program comes at a time when energy consumption traditionally peaks.

"Air conditioners are among the highest consumers of electricity. When we come in from muggy weather, our first instinct is to crank the temperature dial to its lowest setting and then we forget it's there.

That wastes considerable electricity, so by giving our customers an added incentive to save on their energy bill, we hope to encourage people to rethink and modify those old habits."

Lakefront suggests savings can be achieved by using fans more than air conditioners, switching to energy-wise bulbs, weather-stripping doors and windows, and air drying clothes before finishing them off in the dryer.

The Great Refrigerator Roundup program comes into effect this summer as well and runs until the end of the year.

It is designed to save consumers money while addressing a serious environmental concern; managing the disposal of harmful CFC gas contained in old refrigerators and encouraging their replacement with much more energy efficient units that do not contain CFCs in their cooling systems.

Householders who participate in the program will receive free pick-up and disposal of old refrigerators still in working order.

The old units will be dismantled and disposed of in a way that is environmentally-friendly and minimizes the number of parts that go to landfill sites.

"Replacing an old primary or secondary fridge can result in energy savings of about $100 a year," says Mr. Paul. "That means the replacement of a primary unit can pay for itself in as little as five to seven years." He adds that disposal costs also can amount to $100 to $120 per refrigerator when removal, cartage and CFC disposal fees are considered. "All in all these two programs will provide some great opportunities for Lakefront Utilities customers to save on their energy bills and help save the environment at the same time."

More tips for energy conservation will be contained in an insert in Lakefront Utilities' next billing.

Additional details of these two cost-savings programs will be announced at an official program launch to be held on July 5 in Cobourg.


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