Active Power to Showcase Green Critical Power Solutions at China Eco Expo

CHINA - Active Power, Inc. played a major role at the China Eco Expo, being held in Beijing, June 21-24 at the China International Exhibition Center.

Active Power has partnered with the China Power Supply Society (CPSS), the country's largest academic and business association of companies dedicated to the power industry, to host an industry seminar a day prior to the show for key executives and engineers.

The company will also maintain a booth during all three days of the show, demonstrating its energy-efficient, highly reliable and green flywheel-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

"We're excited to be involved in such a high profile show in a strategically important market for Active Power," said Jim Clishem, CEO and president of Active Power. "With the opening of our Tokyo office in March, we are positioned to participate in and win many future deals in the Asia Pacific territories. Our power-dense, integrated flywheel technology provides consistent, predictable performance, making Active Power's UPS system an extremely compelling solution for those enterprises that need to implement a consistent and highly reliable power infrastructure. The fact our solutions are green also make them extremely attractive in a region that is highly conscious of the potential impact to the environment."

The need for field proven, energy-efficient UPS systems are critical, particularly as China's digital economy continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate. Power abnormalities such as surges, sags and outages cost the Chinese economy approximately $5 billion annually, according to a March 2007 report by Frost and Sullivan on the Chinese UPS market. The report points to the prospect of an insufficient power grid and that this market driver will "continue to create incentives for deploying UPS systems."


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