ENMAX restores power to customers in Calgary

- ENMAX recently announced that that the utility has restored power to its system in downtown Calgary.

The system equipment suffered some damage and needed to be tested and inspected before power could be restored to the area.

“We thank our team who has worked tirelessly to restore the system quickly and safely in challenging conditions," said Gianna Manes, President and CEO, ENMAX Corporation.

“We can now focus on reconnecting individual customers as buildings are repaired and inspections are completed.”

"We are extremely impressed with the tremendous work ENMAX has accomplished in such a short time," said Tom Sampson, Acting Director of CEMA. "Their cooperation and assistance has been an essential element of our recovery."

In the last seven days, ENMAX has restored power for 34,000 customers who were left without power as a result of the flood.

The utility will continue to work through the reconnection of individual buildings as they are repaired and as the requests come in through 311.


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