Working groups formed to address gaps in EV standards

ROSSLYN, Va. -- - The National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s NEMA Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment/Systems Section created two new working groups to develop standards that focus on network roaming for a public charging station and communication of electric vehicle EV metering data.

The Section created the working groups to address several gaps in EV charging standards identified in the ANSI Electric Vehicle Standardization Roadmap.

To address gaps in network roaming, the Section organized a working group to develop a standard that: permits EV drivers to universally locate and reserve a public charging spot, supports roaming that allows charging services from a provider other than the EV user’s home charger, and addresses offline access control at charging station.

To address gaps related to communication aspects of EV meters, a second working group will develop a standard that will communicate metering data from the end user to the vehicle.

"This is a key step forward in the development of electric vehicles as it is a collaboration of manufacturers in support of a great experience for EV drivers. It will certainly help expand this new and important industry," said Richard Lowenthal, Chair of the EVSE Technical Committee Software Communication Subcommittee, and Founder and CTO of Coulomb Technologies.


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