Baltimore could build its own power plants

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - Baltimore may build its own power plants to offer residents a break on their electricity bills.

A city-funded study is suggesting that the city construct solar, waste, or natural gas-powered plants to add more supply to the region’s power grid, thus lowering electricity prices. The city could build new power generation more cheaply than a private company because it’s less expensive for the city to borrow money, the report’s authors said.

There aren’t any concrete plans for a plant, such as a location or a specific timeline.

But the city’s Department of General Services is eager to move forward on a project as part of a broader energy plan it’s pushing with federal stimulus money behind it, said Ted Atwood, energy adviser in the department.

High electricity rates have been a statewide focus since 2006, when deregulation of Maryland’s energy market led to skyrocketing prices. State officials have pressed Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. and its parent company, Constellation Energy Group Inc., to make efforts to lower rates.


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