Fire knocks out apartment power

TORONTO, ONTARIO - For the second time in three days, fire has erupted in a power vault under a Toronto apartment building.

The incident occurred at a building on Heath St. W., near Bathurst St. and St. Clair Ave W. Residents found themselves without power when a large fuse blew in the basement vault at around 4:45 a.m.

“Hydro was already working in the area, and a couple of wires caught fire,” said Sgt. Scott Maywood, of 13 Division. “It didn’t really affect the occupants, not like the other day.”

On July 20, a huge explosion in an underground fire vault forced the evacuation of 900 residents from an apartment on Secord Ave.

Residents of the Secord building wonÂ’t be able to move back for about another four weeks, and will have to wait until at least tomorrow to return to the building to pick up personal belongings.

Nine firefighters were injured in SundayÂ’s fire.

Maywood could not say why hydro workers were already working near the Heath building when this morningÂ’s fire broke out.

He said power had been restored to most residents by 7:30 a.m.

The building was not evacuated and no injuries were reported.


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