Mass Megawatts opens facility in Pennsylvania

LYCOMING COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA - Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. opened a manufacturing facility in Lycoming County located in north central Pennsylvania. The new facility will be located near numerous planned projects in Pennsylvania and New York where several hundred megawatts of wind power projects have already been developed in the recent years.

Mass Megawatts has chosen to locate a production facility in Pennsylvania because of the State's dedication and leadership in the field of renewable energy, including wind power.

Pennsylvania has enough wind power potential to provide electricity for nearly 5 million homes according to Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell. The Pennsylvania Governor doubled the state government's original green power purchase commitment from 5% to 10%. The commitment was doubled again, to 20%, in August 2006. In October 2007, the contract was modified with an additional purchase that brought the total green power purchase to 28% of the state government's annual electricity consumption.

In addition to Pennsylvania, other states including Massachusetts, Texas, and Michigan have recently created similar favorable incentives for wind energy development including major plans to increase transmission facilities for over 12,000 megawatts of new wind energy capacity in Texas. Mass Megawatts plans to review the incentives and opportunities of other states in the planning of the company's expansion and other production facilities.


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