Fluor Corp. and E.ON Energie AG join forces on CO2 capture

IRVING, TEXAS - Fluor Corporation and E.ON Energie AG (E.ON) announced that the two companies have formed a strategic partnership for the development of a retrofitted pilot plant using FluorÂ’s commercially-proven Econamine FG+ carbon capture technology.

The pilot plant will commence operation in 2010 at E.ONÂ’s coal-fired power plant in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

The primary focus of this partnership is to enhance the technology and to demonstrate its application to safely separate carbon from the flue gas of a coal-fired power plant. This will be the first demonstration of the technology on a coal-fired power plant. Both companies, in applying the Econamine FG+ process, will demonstrate an optimized adaptation of the CO2 scrubbing process that complies with U.S. and EU environmental requirements. E.ON brings essential experience in the operation and engineering of coal-fired power plants to this strategic partnership.

One advantage of the chosen CO2 scrubbing technology is the ability to retrofit conventional power plants already in operation. This creates an opportunity for a secure, affordable and dependable low carbon power generation solution using coal as a fuel source.

FluorÂ’s patented and proprietary technology has been demonstrated at commercial-scale facilities for nearly 20 years. The technology uses monoethanolamine (MEA) as the solvent for efficient capture of C02. FluorÂ’s further technology development and improvements will become the basis for the continued joint development with E.ON.

“We appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with a partner that has a global reputation in this industry and long-term carbon capture technology experience,” said Bernhard Fischer, chief technology officer and executive board member of E.ON Energie.

“Working jointly with E.ON Energie on this project, we are seeking to enhance our technology for use with existing and future coal plants,” said David Constable, president of Fluor’s Power Group. “We currently have 25 licensed Econamine plants already in commercial operation, many to produce chemical or food grade CO2, and an additional 10 Econamine FG+ licenses sold that will commence commercial operations within the next 18 to 24 months.”

The next logical step, therefore, is to adapt this well-proven process to the flue gas conditions of coal-fired power plants. The pilot plant, retrofitted to the existing coal-fired power plant, will be designed for a flue gas volume flow of about 16,000 cubic meters per hour.

At this same Wilhelmshaven site, a second project is also planned. This project, called “50plus”, is a coal-fired power plant which is expected to achieve an efficiency of more than 50 percent by 2014. This would be the first such high efficiency for a coal plant anywhere in the world. Both projects will position the Wilhelmshaven site as a world-class technology site and will continue to underscore E.ON Energie’s commitment to increased efficiency, environmental responsibility and climate awareness.


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