Direct Energy Forms Alliance to Make Canadian Buildings Energy Efficient

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Owners and operators of buildings in Canada now have a new partner to help make their commercial, residential and industrial manufacturing buildings more energy efficient, and ultimately - more environmentally friendly.

The Canadian Environmental Equipment Manufacturers Alliance (CEEMA) is being formed to help building owners and operators reduce energy consumption and costs by reviewing their buildingsÂ’ central heating and cooling systems.

  CEEMA’s partners comprise of five Canadian companies - Direct Energy, GasMaster, SMARDT, Abbott’s and The Cooling Tower Company. Together, the alliance partners offer an all encompassing service to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by offering innovative products and service to aging chillers, boilers, cooling towers, to energy consulting and more.

  “Often it’s light fixtures and leaky taps that are top-of-mind, but there is a huge opportunity for real savings and efficiency in the heart of a building that is often overlooked,” said Bob Huggard, President, Canadian Operations, Direct Energy.  “CEEMA was born because of what we’ve been hearing from building owners and operators across the country – the need for a one-stop-service for energy solutions. Our goal is to help building owners and operators make significant changes in their building’s energy usage, while helping their bottom line and ultimately - the environment.”

  By working together, CEEMA will be able to help building owners and operators understand the energy consumption patterns of their buildings, and work with them to develop the right strategy and find the right products and solutions for conserving energy.

  The alliance brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Direct Energy has been involved with retrofit projects at the University of Calgary and CFB Kingston.  Recently, the Ontario Conservation Bureau awarded Direct Energy a certificate for their work on a multi-million dollar energy management program at CFB Kingston, where the Smardt chillers have been accepted and installed.  In fact, Direct Energy has over 70 Smardt chillers installed or about to be installed. These installations include commercial buildings, hospitals, as well as federal and municipal buildings.


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