Space-Time Insight, SMUD and NEC Enter into Agreement on Smart Energy Solutions

- Space-Time Insight, Inc., SMUD and NEC Corporation have entered into an agreement to collaborate on technology and business model innovation to meet emerging energy industry needs.

Areas of collaboration include an integrated platform for distribution grid management, energy efficiency, distributed generation and energy storage.

As the global energy landscape evolves to incorporate new technologies, more renewable resources and a greater focus on customer experience and data analytics, utilities are working hard to adapt their operations and business models to continue to deliver value to their communities, customers and shareholders.

Space-Time Insight, SMUD and NEC are combining their areas of expertise to create innovative solutions to meet the challenges of this new landscape. Those areas of expertise include: SMUD in energy delivery and customer experience NEC in advanced technology manufacturing and integration and Space-Time Insight in advanced analytics and visualization.

"We're excited to help develop new technology that will make utilities more responsive, more efficient, and ultimately able to deliver more value to their customers," said Arlen Orchard, CEO and General Manager, SMUD.

"The development of new business models for utilities requires collaboration," says Takemitsu Kunio, Senior vice president, NEC. "Collaborating with industry leaders such as SMUD and Space-Time Insight enables us to meet and exceed the needs of utilities, their end users and regulators."

"Analytics are at the heart of solutions in the IoT economy," said Rob Massoudi, Senior vice president of Business Development, Space-Time Insight. "Our analytics informed by SMUD's experience and embedded in NEC solutions will drive innovation for the global utility sector." The three companies have already begun collaborating, with results expected in the US, Japan and the Asia Pacific region in 2016.


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