Hydro One to launch an online asset analytics tool

- Hydro One is the first North American utility to launch an innovative, online, asset analytics tool providing companies with the ability to make more effective and prudent investment decisions.

By using a powerful combination of mapping software, asset condition and location information and business intelligence, Hydro One can now have accurate, complete, cross-referenced, analyzed data available instantly.

“This tool will help us increase reliability and value for our customers and ratepayers by directing our resources and investments to where they are most needed across the province,” said Carmine Marcello, President & CEO of Hydro One. “It allows us to plan our work to ensure the highest asset risks are prioritized first which will help manage the bulk of aging infrastructure that is affecting the entire utility industry.”

“Using cutting edge technology such as this is great way to ensure that Ontario homes and businesses get reliable power they can count on, no matter where they are located,” said Minister Chris Bentley.

The initial deployment of the asset analytics tool gives planners an on-site view of the condition of all poles, lines and stations across the province. The second wave of deployment will alert planners to the consequences if the asset fails. This provides Hydro One with a comprehensive view of operational risks and will shape decisions when it comes to the prioritization of investments.


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