First standard for broadband over powerline hardware approved

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY - IEEE has approved the industry's first standard for Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL).

IEEE 1675, "Standard for Broadband Over Powerline Hardware," provides testing and verification standards for the commonly used hardware, primarily couplers, for BPL installations, and provides suggested installation methods to supplement a utility's or contractor's installation procedures.

BPL provides the ability to send high-speed digital data over the power lines between substations and homes and offices, turning every wall outlet into a portal to the Internet.

"This standard will give both power utilities and the BPL industry the ability to confidently pursue a BPL installation," says Terrence Burns, Chair of the Broadband over Power Line Standards Working Group, which developed IEEE 1675. "It provides for the protection of and safe operation by utilities personnel, as well as the safety of non-utility workers."

IEEE 1675 was sponsored by the Power System Communications Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society.


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