First commercial hydrokinetic plant started

HASTINGS, MINNESOTA - U.S.-based Hydro Green Energy announced it started its first commercial hydrokinetic project.

HGE said it has successfully installed one of two underwater turbines in Hastings, Minn. The turbines are being installed downstream from a 4.4-megawatt U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hydropower plant.

The second turbine is expected to be installed in the spring.

"With the successful installation of our first turbine, Hydro Green Energy has taken another historic step and has strengthened its status as the industry leader," said Wayne Krouse, chairman and chief executive officer of HGE. "We, with the city of Hastings, are now in a position to soon send the first hydrokinetic electrons ever to the U.S. power grid."

Hydrokinetic power is generated from moving water in open rivers, tidal areas and oceans through suspended turbines.

The Hastings project was approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in December.


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