Electrovaya launches low-speed car

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Battery maker Electrovaya Inc. plans to build a small, low-speed commuter car powered by its proprietary lithium ion polymer power pack technology.

The zero-emission Maya-300 is said to offer a range of 190 kilometres with a top speed of 55 kilometres per hour – "ideal for fleet operators in cities, universities and parks as well as the many households with a second or third vehicle for urban driving within a local neighbourhood," the company said.

The two-seat vehicle's battery system can be recharged at standard electricity outlets.

"This marks a new era where affordable, zero-emission clean transportation solutions become available with sufficient range for daily local driving," declared Electrovaya CEO Sankar Das Gupta.

"The Maya-300 is a terrific, high-profile solution for many fleet operators with a driving range longer than other low-speed electric vehicles."


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