Canadian Electricity Association welcomes energy efficiency measures

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - As part of its new suite of ecoENERGY Initiatives, the federal government unveiled an Energy Efficiency program that is being welcomed by the Canadian Electricity Association.

Announced by Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn the ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative will contribute $300 million over four years to help build a conservation culture in Canada.

"CEA member companies have been successfully delivering energy efficiency programming for over a decade to assist customers in managing their electricity consumption," said Hans Konow, CEA President and Chief Executive Officer "The availability of additional options to help customers shape their energy behaviour and consumption patterns is welcomed by the industry."

In separate announcements earlier this week, the federal government revealed the ecoEnergy Technology and ecoEnergy Renewable initiatives, both of which were commended by the electricity industry. The $230 million federal funding available for partnerships in the research, development and demonstration of clean-energy technologies supports further development of clean coal, carbon sequestration and renewable energy initiatives.

Emerging renewables and in particular wind generation are increasing in importance both for their benefits in achieving fuel diversity and in minimizing environmental impacts. The $1.5 billion EcoEnergy Renewable initiative will help support continuing emerging renewables development.

"Increased federal funding of clean energy science and technology, emerging renewable energy and energy efficiency measures are critical components of securing a strong, diversified and sustainable electricity future in Canada", said Mr. Konow. "CEA member companies are strong proponents of government and industry partnerships to enhance electricity sustainability, improve energy security and help customers manage their electricity bills."

CEA believes that energy efficiency and emerging renewable generation are important elements in a comprehensive and holistic approach to meeting our country's electricity needs. Maximizing the benefits of conventional generation and emerging renewable technology, and focusing on demand reduction through energy efficiency are all required to ensure a safe, secure, reliable, sustainable and competitively priced supply of electricity in the near and long-term.

In order to optimize the potential of Canada's electricity system, the Association has developed and is currently promoting a five point plan:

1. Establish an investment climate to ensure future electricity supply; 2. Move government and industry towards efficient and effective regulation; 3. Work to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation; 4. Foster innovation and accelerate skills development; 5. Build on the strengths of the integrated North American system to maximize opportunity for Canadians.


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