Utilimetrics hires first full-time CEO

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - Utilimetrics, the premier voice of the AMR/AMI industry, has hired Joel Hoiland, CAE, as its first full-time chief executive officer, to oversee the transition of Utilimetrics from an outsourced management company to a standalone organization.

Hoiland is a seasoned trade association executive, who has served as Utilimetrics part-time CEO since 2008.

Utilimetrics, formerly known as the Automatic Meter Reading Association (AMRA), has been managed by The Sherwood Group, Inc. (TSGI) since 1991.

“Our board members agree 2009 is the year to take Utilimetrics to the next level, which means becoming a standalone association,” said Bernie Bujnowski, Utilimetrics president.

“Becoming a standalone organization will strengthen Utilimetrics’ operating structure and allow us to best serve our members. Utilimetrics is the primary source for information about advanced metering, communications, utility automation and data management solutions, as well as the voice for the industry,” said Hoiland.

“Even in an uncertain economy the outlook is very positive for our members’ products and services. As a standalone association Utilimetrics has a greater opportunity to address issues related to smart grid initiatives, electricity demand, resource conservation, aging infrastructure, limited supply, shrinking margins, operating costs and political efforts to seek energy independence” explained Hoiland. This is an exciting time for the industry and our association.”


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