Thousands convene to discuss “Recession Proof” jobs

DALLAS, TEXAS - At a time when businesses are making cutbacks across the nation, thousands of people will gather in Dallas February 19-21 to talk about their line of work – an occupation without layoffs.

In its fourth year, “Ignition” is a three-day convention put on by Ignite, the marketing arm of Dallas-based Stream Energy, one of the fastest growing companies in U.S. business history, with $800 million in electric and natural gas sales in 2008.

The major three-day convention will bring a substantial benefit to the Dallas area, with an economic impact of $4,588,272 for Dallas and surrounding areas, according to the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Ignition will provide seminars, speakers and training courses for Ignite Associates seeking ways to increase their business and expand their energy sales.

“Individuals today are trying to find new ways to deal with the economy,” said Chris Domhoff, founder of Ignite and Stream Energy Managing Partner. “It is an exciting proposition for our Associates to be able earn commissions from the sale of energy and in turn supplement their incomes. In this economy, that is paramount. Our Associates come from all walks of life. Many say they have found success they never thought possible. But all are happy they don’t have to face the fear of being laid off,” he said.


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