Canadian utilities commit to sustainable power

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) launched a new and comprehensive program committing its electric utility members to a more sustainable electric future.

The program will focus the companies' collective attention on sustainable development, which includes environmental, economic, and social aspects of the electricity business. Moving forward, the CEA members will be pursuing business strategies and activities that meet the needs of customers, stakeholders and the communities in which we operate today, while protecting and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.

"CEA is taking this commitment that one step further, by making participation in Sustainable Electricity a condition of CEA membership", said Pierre Guimond, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association. "We want the electricity industry in Canada to be recognized as a true sustainability leader around the world," he added.

"Our objective is to encourage companies to work toward excellence and integrate Sustainable Electricity principles into every aspect of their business", said Pat Youzwa, President and CEO of SaskPower and chair of the Sustainable Electricity program.

"Transparency and compliance to Sustainable Electricity will be guaranteed by the Public Advisory Panel, along with the third party verification.

This will ensure that Canadians' electricity future is held in good hands", said Mike Harcourt, chair of the Public Advisory Panel.

Sustainable Electricity encompasses the following four elements:

1) Sustainable Development Policy - Utility members are committed to 10 key guiding principles which form the basis of the program.

2) Performance Indicators and Reporting - Each of the guiding principles is supported by specific indicators and metrics that will be used to track overall industry sustainable development performance. Utilities will report on the performance of these key indicators, and overall industry results on sustainable development will be published in an annual report to stakeholders.

3) Public Advisory Panel A Public Advisory Panel, made up of distinguished and qualified Canadians, will provide independent opinion and advice to the CEA Board of Directors on the implementation of, and improvements to, Sustainable Electricity.

4) External Verification: The implementation of Sustainable Electricity will be verified by an independent external verifier.


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