Tests normal after release of tritium at Darlington

DURHAM REGION, ONTARIO - Water sampling at local water treatment facilities indicates that levels of tritium continue to be at normal background (safe) levels following an inadvertent release of water containing tritium and hydrazine at the Darlington Nuclear Station recently.

The Ministry of the Environment, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the Region of Durham Water Treatment Operators, the Durham Medical Officer of Health, and other appropriate agencies were notified. Nearby municipalities were also notified. OPG is working closely with these agencies and taking all conservative, precautionary measures to ensure the public and the environment continue to be protected.

All four sets of samples taken throughout the night at municipal water treatment plants indicated normal background levels. Further samples will continue to be taken regularly.

Staff at the plant are recovering water that remained on the property. The water was released from a holding tank outside the reactor building and did not affect plant operations. A full investigation of the cause is underway.


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