Solar panel projects operational in New Jersey

FOLSOM, NEW JERSEY - Furthering a company-wide commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, South Jersey Industries announced that solar panel projects at two of its local facilities are operational and generating electricity.

“We are excited to be an example of the renewable energy possibilities in our region,” SJI Chairman, President and CEO, Edward J. Graham, said. “These projects reflect our commitment to green and efficient energy use, and we look forward to identifying additional ways for South Jersey Industries to reduce its energy consumption and promote renewable energy projects.


Solar panels were installed at SJI’s Folsom-based headquarters and South Jersey Gas’ McKee City location.

The Folsom project is a 50kW roof-mounted system consisting of 210 solar modules. It will generate 60,000 kWh each year. All of the electricity produced will be used on-site to help meet the building’s electrical needs.

The McKee City project is a 651kW ground-mounted facility. It consists of 2,772 solar panels and covers roughly two acres of open land. It will generate approximately 886,000 kWh in its first year. All of the electricity produced by the solar panels will be used on-site for facility operations.

Marina Energy, another SJI subsidiary, installed the panels and will be responsible for maintaining them.

“We are proud to help our parent company identify and pursue green and viable energy opportunities,” said Mike Renna, chief operating officer for South Jersey Energy Solutions. “These projects will allow South Jersey Industries to save money on their electric rates and contribute to a sustainable energy future.”


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