RStandard poles selected for Hydro One contract

CALGARY, ALBERTA - Resin Systems Inc. (RS), a technology innovator and manufacturer of advanced composite products for infrastructure markets, announces that Hydro One has selected RStandard composite poles.

This three-year order carries with it the longest term of any order for RStandard poles received from a utility to date. Hydro One, the largest electricity transmission and distribution company in the province of Ontario, issued a request for tender for composite poles earlier this year and the selection of RS's poles marks the completion of that process.

Key features of the RStandard pole for Hydro One were the environmentally friendly aspects, the non-conductivity and the flexibility of designing many different poles and structures using RS's modules. RStandard poles are the most environmentally friendly poles on the market. In contrast to wood poles, they do not require harmful chemical treatments or special pole disposal or soil remediation procedures.

Further, the non-conductive poles provide a safe alternative to traditional wood, steel and concrete poles. Finally, Hydro One found the flexibility RStandard modules provide compelling, in that the utility can satisfy the entire spectrum of pole needs from a single set of RStandard modules, which can be used to replace monopole, H-frame and lattice tower structures. RS is unique in its ability to meet that range of pole needs without the need for custom manufacturing.

"The fact that this tender called specifically for composite poles is a significant step for composite poles generally and for RS in particular. The selection of our poles for widespread use indicates the utility industry is moving beyond pilot- and niche-type installations of composite poles and towards broader use in the grid," said Paul Giannelia, president and chief executive officer of RS.

"This is a significant validation of our polesÂ’ lowest total cost of ownership value proposition. RS is pleased to be manufacturing these poles for Hydro One at our Tilbury, Ontario plant where over 100 jobs have been created during the past year. We believe this order provides the foundation for future plant expansion and significant new manufacturing job creation in the region."


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