ABB publishes new Energy Efficiency handbook

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - ABB has published a 360-page manual entitled Energy Efficient Design of Auxiliary Systems in Fossil-Fuel Power Plants. It targets the power generation sector and highlights technologies that increase energy efficiency and plant output while reducing the CO2 emissions that are a byproduct.

About 70 percent of the world’s power plants use fossil fuels like coal, natural gas or oil to generate electrical power. Increased global awareness of greenhouse gas emissions and the climate change challenge make the new manual a timely reference book.

Auxiliary systems form a major part of a power plant’s operations and include power consuming applications like pumps, fans, motors, drives, and electrical balance of plant, as well as instrumentation, control and optimization systems. These systems typically consume between seven and 15 percent of the power generated by a fossil-fuel power plant.

The manual is comprised of design and engineering guidelines to improve energy efficiency in each part of a facility, both in new and existing plants. Several case studies are also provided and an entire module is devoted to costs, benefits and estimated return on investment for the various technologies.

“This manual draws on ABB’s century-long track record and experience, which is reflected in our extensive global installed base in the power generation sector,” said Franz-Josef Mengede, head of ABB’s global Power Generation business. “We need to take a holistic approach to energy efficiency, plant productivity and emission reduction. This manual focuses on design, engineering and technology to facilitate such an approach.”

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